Concrete Resurfacing Paver Applications

Concrete patios and walkways can deteriorate, form cracks, and become discolored and unsightly over time. Aspire pavers are designed to transform concrete patios, walkways, and pool decks into a beautiful and durable new surface. They are lightweight and easy to install without the need for special equipment and tools. Aspire Paver comes in a variety of sizes and colors that enables creative patterns and designs.

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Here are some key features and benefits of rooftop and resurfacing interlocking pavers:

  1. Interlocking Design: The primary feature of these pavers is their interlocking mechanism. The patented grid allows for quick installation with no need for adhesives or fasteners. The interlocking system ensures that the pavers are perfectly aligned and remain in position, providing a stable and safe walking surface.
  2. Lightweight - Aspire pavers are lightweight and are about 1/3rd the weight of typical concrete pavers. This makes it easy to carry and install pavers without wearing out the installer. The Resurfacing Paver, used for rooftops and resurfacing concrete patios/walks and wood decks weighs in at only 6.7 lbs. per square foot.
  3. Easy to Install / Less Labor: With the patented grid and lightweight nature of the Aspire Paver system, they are quick and easy to install. No sophisticated training are tools are needed and almost anyone can do it. This speeds up the installation and decreases the cost of labor. It’s like Legos for adults!
  4. Durability: Aspire Pavers are a composite material that is extremely durable. They are crack, scratch and stain resistant. They resist hail, heavy dropped items, and nearly impossible to crack. Aspire Pavers are highly resistant to scratches from dragging patio furniture. They are non-porous and resists stains with no sealer required. Aspire Pavers withstand outdoor elements, UV exposure, and foot traffic, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient rooftop surface.
  5. Aesthetic: Aspire Pavers come in a variety of sizes and colors with several patterns to choose from. This combination of colors, sizes and patterns offers design flexibility to create visually appealing surfaces that complement the overall architecture.
  6. Softer & Quieter, & Non-Abrasive: The Aspire Pavers are a composite material made from mostly recycled rubber and plastic. This unique blend produces a dense material that is both solid and softer than concrete, brick, or porcelain. It’s comfortable to walk or stand on and is less abrasive and less dangerous for falls. This makes them safer for kids.
  7. Low Maintenance: With Aspire Pavers, there is practically no maintenance needed. The pavers are non-porous, and no sealer is required. Cleaning is easy with just a hose and water. For a deeper cleaning, use a biodegradable cleaner and a soft brush. In the unlikely event of a damaged paver, they are easily removed and replaced with a new paver.
  8. Sustainable: Aspire Pavers are made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled materials. With every 1000 square feet of installed pavers, Aspire diverts 500 tires and 1500 plastic containers from landfills. Any scrap from jobs or old pavers can be recycled into new products creating a cradle-to-cradle product and zero waste.

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