Design & Estimate Your Aspire Deck

Aspire Pavers enable endless design capabilities. You can use the standard patters shown below and in our Installation Guide or create your own designs using various sizes and colors. Check out our Gallery for inspiration. Our patterns shown below (and in the Installation Guide) are all designed to have pavers interlock adjacent grids to ensure good alignment and a secure system. In creating your unique design, be sure that all grids are interlocked with at least one adjacent grid.

Download the Aspire Interactive Estimation Guide

For estimating materials needed, check out our resources page for a helpful excel calculator for estimation. Simply use the pull-down menus and enter fields to choose your application, pattern, square feet, and linear feet for border pavers, (i.e., Bullnose or Transition Pavers). The calculator will give you the materials needed for the job.

If you have any questions or need additional help from one of our Design Specialist, reach out to our team or call 844-290-4196.