Installation Videos

Installing concrete pavers can be a major hassle not only for homeowners but for professional contractors too. Concrete paver installations require a lot of time, materials, and know-how to make the installation perfect. Aspire pavers are the perfect alternative to concrete pavers offering a patented grid system for quick and easy installations. They also require little maintenance and resist stains and scratches that would damage concrete pavers.

Installing Aspire Pavers on an Outdoor Patio

This video will walk you through the steps involved in installing Aspire pavers for resurfacing an outdoor patio. It features the tools required, methodology of resurfacing and application of the grid and pavers

Installing Aspire Transition Pavers

Cutting Aspire Pavers

This video will break down the proper techniques for cutting Aspire pavers and their grids.

Installing Bullnose Pavers

Rooftop Installation

This video will break down the proper techniques installing Aspire pavers on rooftops.

Aspire Pavers: Changing Colors and Designs