FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Codes & Testing

Paver systems are considered “overburden” and not held by the same rules as roof coverings. Therefore, we do not have an NOA or approvals for wind uplift. That said, these pavers have been used in projects with extreme weather. For example, they are installed on the rooftop of the historic Ballaja’ military barracks in Puerto Rico, have been there for over 8 years and have experienced several hurricanes without any issues.

Compared To Other Products

Composite pavers can heat up like regular pavers and the temperature is largely driven by color. The darker the color, the hotter the surface. Conversely, the lighter the color, the cooler the surface.

A pedestal system is used on a low slope roof to make the surface perfectly level. Then large pavers are laid on top. This system is heavy, expensive, and takes a trained crew to install. Our paver system follows the contour of the roof, so is best on roofs with ½” slope or less. Most low slope roofs are 1/8” to ½”. The Aspire Paver system is much lighter, less complex, and can be installed by a typical roofing crew. There are no special tools required, it is fast to install, and easy to remove for any roof repairs.

The pavers are made mostly from recycled tires and are very resistant to both cold and hot temperatures.

Installation Questions

The pavers can be used around a pool area and the non-slip nature is good for that application. There is no known effect of chlorine on the pavers, however chlorine can dry white, so it is a good idea to rinse off the area after use.

Aspire Pavers can be installed near fireplaces and firepits but should not be used as the fireplace or firepit. We recommend keep the pavers at least 4’ from any open flame. Grills and fire bowls may be used when placed over a fire mat to prevent any damage from embers.

Yes. It can go directly over an existing and structurally sound deck. All rotted or warped deck boards should be replaced before installing the Aspire Paver System.

The grids are designed to allow water to flow underneath them, however we recommend a drain sheet on a rooftop application to ensure good water floor. We recommend the EnkaDrain 3807 and offer it for purchase with our pavers.

The pavers are very easy to install with a patented grid. This grid ensures the pavers are aligned and allows for a variety of paver sizes and patterns. The Aspire Installation Guide is available at aspirepavers.com in the Resources section. It includes designs for 1, 2 and 3 colors and different size combinations.

The pavers can be cut to fit around a penetration, drain, or scupper. You should leave a ½ “gap at walls and penetrations to allow for any expansion. See the Installation Guide for details.

We recommend adhering the pavers to the grid a minimum of 16” around the perimeter using a good quality landscape adhesive. For most rooftop applications, we recommend adhering the pavers to the grid around the perimeter up to 3’ from the parapet wall. In high wind rooftop applications, it is recommended to adhere all pavers to the grid. Consult the Aspire Technical Team for more information.

Yes, both the pavers and grids can be cut with a standard miter or jig saw to create curves and angles. No special tools (like a concrete saw) is required.

Look, Feel and Style

Yes. Samples can be ordered from the website aspirepavers.com.

The Standard Paver is 2.38” thick and vehicle rated (for driveways and crosswalks). The Resurfacing Paver is 1.75” thick and is designed to go over an existing patio, deck, walk, or rooftop. The Permeable Paver is 2.38” thick (like the Standard Paver), but it creates are larger gap between individual pavers that allows water to seep through the system and into the ground to help reduce water runoff.

Purchasing the Product

Each 16” x 16” grid comes with pavers. A grid covers 1.78 sf. To calculate the number grids needed take the job sf and divide it by 1.78. Many jobs will require cutting at the edges so some additional material may be needed.

Cost depends on the type of paver being purchased. The Resurfacing Paver (also used on rooftops) is 1.75” thick and is about 30% less expensive than the Standard Paver which is 2.4” thick and is vehicle rated. Pavers are sold through Building Material Stores and online at DecksDirect.com and Aspire.com. Typical material cost for the Resurfacing Paver around $12 - $14 per square foot.

For most items, we can ship within two weeks of placing the order. In some cases, sooner.

Pavers are sold through Building Material Stores (e.g., ABC Supply or Beacon) and online at DecksDirect.com and Aspirepavers.com. For specific locations near you, go to aspirepavers.com and click the “Contact Aspire” link at the top right of the page and provide us your city, state and zip code. One of our Representatives will respond with a distributor nearest you.