Wood Roof Deck Problems and a Superior Alternative


Wood decking is commonly used for roof decks, and although wood can be an aesthetically pleasing option, wood roof deck problems and maintenance make it a less than desirable material. Wood roof decking has some benefits, including affordability and a natural look, but the problems can cause headaches and require costly maintenance for years to come.

Wood Roof Deck Problems

Some roof deck problems can be mitigated with proper maintenance, but the level of maintenance required to keep a wood deck looking beautiful is both time consuming and costly.


When it comes to wood decking, moisture is the enemy. When wood roof decks are exposed to rain, frost, snow, and dew, water can seep into the boards and in areas where the wood doesn’t dry completely, it will slowly begin to rot, which weakens the boards and can lead to more extensive repairs. There are three different types of wood rot to be concerned about — brown rot, white rot, and soft rot — and each will compromise the integrity of the wood roof deck.

Mold and Mildew

Excess moisture can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the wood deck. Mold and mildew are fungal growths that thrive in damp environments. In areas that don’t dry thoroughly after exposure to moisture, mold and mildew are both real concerns that can compromise the integrity of the wood and lead to health issues for those who are sensitive to mold or mildew or have allergies.


Another moisture issue, warping, occurs when the wood becomes wet and then dries unevenly. The areas that dry first will contract or shrink faster than other areas and cause the wood roof decking to warp. This creates an uneven surface that poses a trip hazard and has an unsightly appearance.


As wood boards age and loosen, they may rub against each other when walked on. This movement can cause the ends to splinter and become rough. Wood also splinters when there are temperature and moisture changes that cause wood to expand and contract. Splintering can make a roof deck difficult to walk on and pose the risk of giving someone splinters.

High Maintenance

The best way to prevent all of the wood problems previously listed is to properly maintain the wood on the roof deck, but it is a time-consuming and costly process. Wood roof deck maintenance requirements:

  • Regular inspections are needed to assess any damage or wear and tear.

  • Removal of any leaves, sticks, or other debris from the surface is necessary to prevent the accumulation of moisture and reduce the risk of stains.

  • Periodic application of stain and/or sealant should be done regularly. It may need to be done yearly, depending on the weather conditions. In order to properly stain and seal a deck, you’ll need to remove any loose stain with a paint scraper, sand the deck to expose the wood, and then apply the stain or sealant in small sections with a roller.

  • Clean all mold and mildew from the surface of the deck boards.

  • Remove and replace any rotten deck boards or those that have been damaged due to mold or mildew exposure or warped due to moisture.

  • Rearrange deck furniture so the deck color fades evenly and water doesn’t gather and sit under the furniture.

Aspire Roof Deck Pavers Are a Low Maintenance Solution

The problems associated with a wood roof deck can make it difficult to enjoy the deck itself. Between regular maintenance and consistently ensuring that the roof deck is free of debris that can gather moisture and discolor the wood, it takes a lot of work to maintain a roof deck.

Aspire Pavers are roof deck pavers that look beautiful but don’t have any of the problems that come with wood roof decking.

Aspire Roof Deck Pavers are:

  • Lightweight - The weight of Aspire Roof Deck Pavers is comparable to wood decking, at less than 7 lbs/sq. ft. You’ll get superior durability without increased weight.

  • Quick and easy to install - Unlike wood roof decking that requires multiple tools to install — drill, screw gun, saw, measuring tape — our pavers can be installed quickly with our patented paver and grid system. The only tool you’ll need is a jigsaw or a miter saw to cut the pavers to size on the edges and around other deck elements.

  • Stain, scratch, and crack resistant - Improperly sealed wood can absorb stains, making them difficult to get rid of. Wood can also become scratched and even dented. Aspire Pavers come with a no-crack guarantee in residential applications and are scratch and stain resistant.

  • Variety of colors and sizes to create beautiful patterns - Wood roof decks are typically stained the same color for convenience. Aspire Roof Deck Pavers are available in four color selections — Boardwalk, Olive, Redwood, and Waterwheel — and in three sizes — 4” x 8”, 8” x 8”, and 4” x 4” — which allows you to create beautiful patterns that include Block Lattice, Soldiered, Herringbone, and Basketweave, among others.

For the most beautiful and low maintenance decking, Aspire Pavers are backed with a 10 year limited warranty and the high quality that comes with the Brava name.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to see our quality for yourself and begin designing a one-of-a-kind, durable roof deck!