The Best Alternative to Westile Concrete Roof Tiles


Concrete roof tiles are a popular choice for rooftop patios because of their low cost and aesthetically pleasing industrial look. Westile has been manufacturing roofing materials since 1981 and offers concrete plaza pavers for use on plazas with high traffic and where durability is a necessity.

Using an adjustable pedestal installation system, Westile concrete roof tiles can be installed on a flat or sloped roof and the pedestals can be adjusted to be dead level or follow the slope as needed.

Advantages of Concrete Tiles

Range of Color Options

Concrete can be stained different colors to enhance the aesthetics of a rooftop plaza. Westile offers different color choices in different regions of the U.S. With color choices that include Cinnamon, Latte, Red, Ginger, and Chamois, Westile gives you options to create a customized space.

Can Have Different Finishes

Concrete can be stamped to feature different finishes. Westile roofing is available in the following finishes:

  • Architectural Granite

  • Brooklin

  • Diamond

  • Ledgerock

  • Random

  • Matte

These finishes can add a unique touch and texture to a rooftop patio or plaza, but dirt and grime can also become trapped in the grooves, making cleaning and upkeep more difficult.

Two Surface Installation Options

Westile offers two pedestal installation systems: The Level System and the Sloped System.

The Level System is used to create a dead level surface over a sloping substrate because the pedestals can be adjusted to different heights. The Sloped System uses fixed height pedestals so the finished deck will follow the slope of the roof if a dead level surface isn’t necessary.


Colors May Fade

The color of concrete pavers may fade, making the deck look lackluster.

Complicated Installation Process

Using a pedestal installation system is a complicated process that requires adjusting and placing each individual pedestal. Once the pedestals are placed, the concrete tile rests on top of the pedestal at each of its four corners and is held down by its own weight. For large tiles, pedestals may be needed on the sides as well.

Prone to Cracks and Stains

Though concrete is a durable material and can last for years, it can also be brittle and is prone to cracks over the course of its life. It is also porous, so it should be sealed periodically, but it’s important to know that sealed concrete can become stained from food, drink, and even wet leaves.


Part of concrete’s durability is because of its weight, and while durability is an advantage, concrete tiles can be incredibly heavy, sometimes requiring multiple people to move them into position. The weight can also increase the cost to transport them.

Composite Pavers: The Better Option

Concrete has been used as a building material for centuries, and with good reason. It is affordable and durable, but it comes with its own problems, like its weight and tendency to crack or stain.

As technology advances, so do the building materials that are available. Composite pavers are one such material that has risen in popularity since the early 2000s.

Made from a blend of recycled tire rubber and plastics, Aspire Pavers contain up to 95% post-consumer recycled material — material that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. This material not only offers environmental advantages, but it also provides a number of other benefits that set it apart from concrete pavers.

Easy to Install

Aspire Pavers are easy to install with our patented grid installation system. Simply place the installation grid in the desired location and lay the pavers into the grid. No levels or string lines are necessary, and our pavers can even be cut with a jigsaw or miter saw, no specialty tools are needed.


Composite pavers are lightweight, weighing half as much as traditional concrete pavers. This not only makes installation easier, but it also reduces transportation costs and makes the need for structural modifications to support the deck less likely.


Composite pavers by Aspire are incredibly durable. They are scratch, stain, and crack resistant and even come with a limited lifetime warranty against cracks in residential applications. They resist wear from foot traffic over their life, and their color won’t fade over time.


Aspire Pavers are made with recycled material, so they help divert rubber and plastic from landfills. Their durability means that they will last as a building material and reduce replacement costs over the life of the deck.

Beautiful and Versatile

Our pavers are available in a variety of colors that allow you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your project as well as create unique patterns that will set your space apart.

No Maintenance

Concrete should be sealed periodically and cleaned regularly. Our pavers don’t require any maintenance over the course of their life other than removing debris when necessary. If a paver does need to be replaced, it’s easy to simply remove it from the grid and replace it with a new one without disrupting the use of the space.

Choose Aspire Pavers Instead of Concrete

Aspire Pavers provide numerous advantages over Westile concrete roof tile, namely their durability and sustainability. They won’t stain or crack and are more comfortable to walk on. Choosing composite pavers over concrete pavers means that you’ll get a unique look that is incredibly easy to install and requires little to no maintenance over the course of its life.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to see how our product will set your project apart!