From Cozy to Chic: 5 Inspiring Roof Deck Design Ideas

5 Roof Deck Design Ideas

The rooftop deck owes its popularity to the theaters of the late 1800s. Prior to that, rooftops were reserved for servants quarters and as a place where laundry could hang dry undisturbed. It wasn’t until Rudolph Aronson decided to use the roof of his Manhattan theater as a garden where he could stage performances during the summer months that rooftops began to be seen as a luxury space.

From that point on, rooftop gardens became a popular addition to many New York City theaters, which, at the time, lacked air conditioning or sufficient air flow to make indoor summer performances enjoyable. Space in the city was at a premium, so once building owners realized they could utilize the top of the building as a place for entertainment and relaxation, things shifted very quickly, making the rooftop garden a must-have.

Rooftop decks have continued to be a popular feature for city apartment and office buildings, by providing sweeping views of the skyline and a place to get fresh air high above the rush of the city, so the COVID-19 pandemic made rooftop decks a place of respite in an uncertain time.

As the pandemic has waned, people are still interested in a convenient space where they can gather and enjoy the outdoors. Designing a beautiful and functional rooftop deck has a number of benefits that include:

  • Being a desired amenity for tenants and residents

  • Providing the opportunity to create a cool roof with light colored pavers and greenery

  • Utilizing space that would otherwise sit empty

The design possibilities for rooftop decks are nearly endless, so let’s take a look at a few ideas and inspiration for your rooftop deck project.

Rooftop Deck Design Ideas

1. Create a Comfortable Place to Relax

Our pavers are made from recycled tire rubber and plastic, so they are more comfortable to walk, play, and sit on than other materials. Concrete is rough and can be uncomfortable for people standing for a long period. Wood can splinter, making it a less than desirable place to sit. Our pavers allow you to enjoy the space and relax.

2. Create Movement with a Multi-Toned Design

Three paver colors are used in this design to create lots of movement and excitement on this roof deck patio. The use of one table allows for simple outdoor dinners and leaves plenty of room for kids to play and enjoy the space.

3. Keep It Simple with One Color

This patio uses Waterwheel pavers to create a basketweave pattern that looks stunning on the simply designed rooftop deck.

4. Recreate the Look of Brick

Brick has been a traditional paver material for a long time, but getting heavy bricks to a rooftop deck is time-consuming. Our lightweight pavers in Redwood allow you to create the look of a beautiful all-brick patio, but without having to worry about the weight and maintenance concerns.

5. Add Pops of Color

Using Waterwheel pavers interspersed with Boardwalk and Olive pavers in a Herringbone pattern creates the opportunity to play with color and adds an unexpected element. This design is shown on an in-ground system, but the design would also look stunning on a rooftop deck.

Benefits of Aspire Pavers

Aspire Pavers allow you to create a space that you love quickly and easily. If you have an existing rooftop deck with high maintenance pavers, like concrete, porcelain, or wood, you can resurface the space with low-maintenance Aspire Pavers.

Can Be Installed by Professionals and DIYers

You can hire a professional to install our pavers, but if you’re an experienced DIYer, this might just be a project you want to tackle yourself.

Quick and Easy to Install

Our pavers are installed with our patented grid system, and installation is as simple as laying the grid on the rooftop deck surface and positioning the pavers in the desired pattern. Our grid system allows Aspire Pavers to be installed in 40% of the time it takes to install traditional pavers, and there are no specialty tools needed. This can make installation labor less expensive than it would be with other, more complicated materials.


The purpose of designing a rooftop deck is so it can be enjoyed, but it's difficult to enjoy a space if you’re constantly worried about stains, scratches, cracks, and other damage to the surface. Our pavers resist everyday spills and are also scratch resistant and won’t crack like concrete pavers.

Low Maintenance

You’ll never have to stain or seal our pavers, and they’ll maintain their color throughout the years with their fade-resistant properties.


Made from recycled materials, Aspire pavers contain up to 95% post-consumer recycled material that includes discarded tire rubber and plastics. Diverting these materials from the landfill allows us to do our part for the environment while you enjoy the benefits of a high quality product.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to discuss rooftop deck design ideas and request a free sample so you can see and feel the difference and get some more inspiration for your project!