Sky High Style: 9 Inspiring Roof Deck Design Ideas


Roof decks are the ultimate amenity. They rise high above the surrounding areas and provide a place for work and play with a view. Designing a rooftop deck takes thoughtful planning to ensure that the needs of all users are met whether for a residential or commercial project. This could mean creating a space for relaxation and reading for warm, relaxing summer nights, adding a space for games for those that want excitement and entertainment, or a bar and dining area to enjoy drinks and meals outside.

These 9 roof deck ideas can help you decide how to design your project and show you what’s possible.

9 Roof Deck Design Ideas

1. Use Hammocks, Pods, and Other Creative Seating

When designing and choosing the seating for a roof deck design, the needs of the user are paramount. If the general population is older, you may need to stick to traditional seating that is easy to sit on and get up from. For younger groups, adding fun and creative seating, like hammocks, seating pods, large bed-sized loungers, or floor cushions, can add an unexpected element and draw people to the space.

2. Bring Wood to the Table

Wood elements bring the natural world in and connect the roof deck to the surrounding natural spaces. If the roof deck is in an urban environment, then bringing wood into the design can increase the sense of being out in nature.

3. Choose Color

Today’s internet is awash with photos of muted tones, but don’t be afraid to add color. Because the space is outside, adding color won’t overwhelm it or become too much of the focal point. Color can come in the form of throw pillows in seating areas, powder coated railings, or flooring, and it can help to create a cohesive space.

4. Use the Right Flooring

Rooftop decks get a lot of use, so choosing the right flooring is essential to creating a beautiful space that will stand up to lots of use. Flooring options include interlocking wood tiles, concrete, porcelain, synthetic turf, and composite pavers. Each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages, but composite pavers provide superior benefits. Made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled content and engineered to endure, they resist stains and scratches and are more comfortable to walk on than other materials.

5. Don’t Forget the Fun…

Game areas are a great addition to a rooftop deck. They can be as simple as designating a table for games and placing game storage nearby, or they can be larger and integrate synthetic turf floor covering to create a place for larger games like cornhole or croquet.

6. …or the Food

A rooftop deck is the perfect place for a rooftop restaurant — even if it means providing a grill and supplies for residents to make their own meals. For residential applications, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to gather the family for food under the stars.

7. Include Lighting

Lighting can sometimes be overlooked in outdoor spaces…they are outside after all. If the space is going to be used after the sun goes down, it’s important to think of lighting as part of the overall design and not as an afterthought. Lighting should be placed in areas that people will use after sundown.

Lights can be integrated into handrails or hung from posts above gathering areas. Overhead lighting will illuminate larger areas while targeted lighting on tables can create an intimate setting. Adding string lights can add a fun design element as well as help to designate certain areas like a bar or dance floor. Chandeliers and other hanging lights can be a functional piece while also adding some grandeur to the space.

8. Integrate Charging Stations

Whether the roof deck is on top of a high rise apartment building or part of a single family home, it’s likely that someone will need to charge their phone at some point. Integrated charging stations don’t just have to be for phones, though. Charging stations can include regular outlets as well as USB outlets to provide space to charge devices, add lighting, or bring the waffle maker out on a sunny morning.

9. Create a Workout Space

Working out outside can add some excitement to a regular workout routine. If the space and budget allows, you can add treadmills, ellipticals, or weight benches, but even creating a simple space furnished with yoga mats can also encourage people to get moving.

Aspire Pavers Help Create the Perfect Roof Deck Design

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