From Slope to Oasis: Tips for Building a Rooftop Deck on a Sloped Roof

How to Build a Rooftop Deck on a Sloped Roof?

A rooftop deck is the ultimate building amenity. It can function as a space to relax, entertain, enjoy surrounding views, and get some fresh air above the noise of the city. What if you want to build a rooftop deck on a sloped roof?

How to Build a Rooftop Deck on a Sloped Roof?

Building a deck on a sloped roof presents unique challenges, but with some adjustments, it’s completely achievable and a great way to increase usable space.

Get Started

1. Assess the Space

Before you begin any type of rooftop deck project, you must first assess the space to determine if it has the structural support to handle both the dead loads of the materials and the live loads of people that will be using it.

2. Choose Decking Material

The plans for a rooftop deck will depend on the rooftop deck material for both aesthetics and structural support needs. Popular rooftop decking materials include concrete, porcelain, wood, and composite.

3. Draw Up Plans

Hiring an architect who specializes in deck design to draw up your plans will ensure that the rooftop deck will support all of your needs, including loads, aesthetics, and materials. Depending on the architect and their firm, they may also be able to help with hiring a contractor, pulling construction permits, creating a timeline, and overseeing the entire project.

If you don’t already have an architect that you’ve worked with, you may need to interview a few to see who would be the best fit for your project. You can ask to see their recent projects, ask about their availability and possible timeline, and get an idea of how much the design and execution will cost.

4. Prepare the Space

If structural reinforcement is needed, this is the time to do it. You can also help prepare for a rooftop deck installation on a sloped roof by ensuring that the roof is clean and free of debris that could slow the installation process.

Install the Rooftop Deck Over a Sloped Roof

On a flat roof, a rooftop deck can be installed either with pedestal pavers or an installation grid, but on a sloped roof, the deck first has to be constructed. This is done by constructing a sleeper system, essentially a wood frame with joists, and using a system of sill plates and beams to create a flat deck over a sloped roof.

Follow these steps to construct a flat deck over a sloped roof:

  1. Install sill plates that will form the frame for the deck. These supports should be installed at the front and back of the sloped roof where they will support the beams.

  2. Install threaded rods through the sill plates and use epoxy to secure them into place as per the architect’s plans.

  3. Attach vertical beams to the sill plates using hold-downs — angle brackets that attach to each side of the beam.

  4. Once the vertical beams are attached, install the joists on the beams to create the deck frame.

  5. After securing the joists and creating the deck frame over a sloped roof, you’ll install the decking material. Planks and pavers can often be attached to the joists directly and be secured with either screws or adhesive, depending on the material.

  6. Install a subfloor across the joists to support the installation of other decking materials such as pavers that require a pedestal or grid installation system.

  7. Install the pedestal or grid installation system and the pavers. If a pedestal installation system is used, it requires leveling each pedestal and positioning at the four corners of the paver before laying the paver in place. To install a grid installation system, simply lay the grid on the subfloor of the flat rooftop deck and lay the pavers in place.

Choose Aspire Pavers and Enjoy Your Deck Faster

Installing a rooftop deck on a sloped roof can be a big undertaking that requires additional time and material, but in the end, it creates a beautiful and enjoyable space for both residential and commercial spaces.

Choose Aspire Pavers and Enjoy Your Deck Faster

Once the subfloor is secured, Aspire Pavers can be installed in 40% less time than traditional pavers. To install, you simply lay our patented installation grids in place beginning at one edge of the deck. The pavers will fit snugly into the grids of your desired pattern. Be sure to overlap the grids in both directions to secure them.

When you reach an edge or any other area where a cut is required, you can cut our pavers with a jigsaw or miter saw fitted with a low tooth count wood ripping blade.

Building a Rooftop Deck on a Sloped Roof: Tips

Aspire Pavers are shipped on the installation grids to create less waste from the project, and the scraps from installation can be recycled. The pavers themselves are also recyclable at the end of their life — which won’t be for awhile!

They come with a 10-year limited warranty and a lifetime no crack guarantee in residential applications, so you can spend more time enjoying your space and less time worrying about repairing and replacing the pavers.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to begin planning your rooftop deck on a sloped roof and to see how our composite pavers can help!