A Look at the Elegance of Balcony Pavers


A balcony is a raised platform that projects from the side of a building, typically accessible from a room in the interior of the space. They are surrounded by a railing or a low wall and provide an easily accessible outdoor space. Balconies can range in size, be covered or uncovered, and support a variety of functions. Larger balconies can include seating areas, a grill, and plants while a smaller space may only include a cozy reading area or place to sip coffee on nice mornings.

Regardless of the amount of space available, a balcony gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the outdoors and create a pleasing space that extends the living area. Whether it’s used as additional seating for relaxation or a place to eat evening meals, the aesthetics of a balcony are important to creating a comfortable and welcoming space.

The floor is integral to the design, and will protect the balcony from the elements and provide an aesthetic guide to the rest of the design. The floor creates a stable base on which to support the other elements.

Let’s take a look at the different types of balcony paver materials that can be used to create this space.

Balcony Pavers Material Options


Concrete provides a durable option for balcony pavers, but it is heavy, so ensuring the balcony can support the weight is essential. While today’s concrete resists chipping and flaking, it does need to be treated and sealed to help it resist fading and stains. Concrete pavers are heavy, sometimes needing two people in order to lift them, and they are difficult to cut to size where needed.

Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles

The ease of installation that interlocking wood deck tiles offers makes it a good material for a do-it-yourself project or for a balcony in a rental unit as they can be snapped together over the existing surface. They also don’t require tools for installation, and they can be removed and reused elsewhere if necessary. This material comes on an integral plastic base and is often pre-treated and can be used with a water sealant for added protection. The natural look of wood also provides a beautiful outdoor aesthetic.

Structural Wood Deck Tiles

For a natural aesthetic, structural wood deck tiles offer a viable option. Like interlocking wood deck tiles, they are manufactured by combining multiple planks into a larger square tile to make installation easier. They are more expensive than interlocking wood deck tiles and can be installed at a fixed height or on adjustable pedestals.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are one of the more expensive options, but they provide an upscale aesthetic, durability, and low-maintenance. This style of balcony paver is available in a variety of colors and styles that can mimic other materials like wood or stone, allowing you to create the perfect space. They are also fire resistant and frostproof, to provide a durable and safe system. This is an expensive option, however, and requires specialized tools for installation, so it’s likely not a DIY option.

Composite Balcony Pavers

Composite balcony pavers offer a low-maintenance and durable option for resurfacing a balcony. They are lightweight and easy to carry as well as easy to install with standard household tools. Since they are typically made from recycled materials, they are a sustainable option that helps divert material away from the landfills. Though composite pavers can be more expensive than other options, the ease of installation can help lower the overall cost of using them as balcony flooring.

Aspire Pavers Create a Beautiful and Durable Balcony Floor

With our patented grid installation system, our pavers can be installed in less than 40% of the time it takes to install traditional concrete pavers. Pavers can be cut to size with a jigsaw or miter saw fitted with a low tooth count wood-ripping blade. It is easy to create unique patterns that you can’t get with other paver systems. With four colors and three paver sizes to choose from, you can design a beautiful balcony that will last.

Backed by our 10-year-limited warranty, we’re confident our product will stay beautiful for years to come, and we even offer an additional lifetime no crack guarantee in residential applications. In addition to resisting cracks, they are also scratch and stain resistant.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to find your unique style and design a beautiful balcony.