A Plaza Deck Maintenance Guide

Plaza Deck Maintenance

Plaza decks have the dual role of being a roof and a floor. They provide valuable space for people to walk, gather, and relax while also being tasked with protecting the underlying structure. With this level of responsibility, it’s important to stay on top of plaza deck maintenance to ensure it can perform without complications.

How to Maintain a Plaza Deck

Plaza deck maintenance for a concrete, porcelain, or wood deck requires consistency and attention over the life of the plaza deck.

Remove Debris and Clean Pavers Regularly

A buildup of debris and dirt can not only lead to an unsightly deck surface but it can also cause other problems. If wet leaves aren’t removed, they can stain the surface of the deck pavers and allow places where mold and mildew can grow, further damaging the paver surface.

Pavers should be cleaned regularly with an approved cleaner. If stains or discoloration have occurred, you may need to use a scrub brush to tackle the stains. You can hire a professional to clean the deck as well.

In some cases, the plaza deck surface can be pressure washed to do more of a deep clean and remove any buildup of dirt, mold, or mildew. Make sure to follow the instructions for the pressure washer so as not to damage the pavers.

Apply Stain and Sealant Periodically

Porcelain pavers don’t typically need to be stained or sealed, but wood should be stained and sealed regularly, and concrete should be sealed regularly as well. The sealant you use should be specified for the type of material that you’ll be sealing as well as for the local climate. Sealant should be capable of waterproofing the surface to prevent water from seeping into the deck material.

Replace Damaged Pavers

It is durable, but porcelain can still crack or break. Concrete is also prone to cracking, and wood can rot, warp, split, and splinter. Any damaged pavers should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse. Rotten boards and cracked pavers also produce a trip hazard as a result of an uneven surface.

Rearrange Furniture

Exposure to sunlight and UV rays can cause plaza decking to fade. Where furniture, rugs, potted plants, and other objects are protecting the surface, those areas won’t fade as quickly. When the furniture or other objects are eventually moved, the unfaded areas of the deck could be very noticeable. Rearranging objects on the plaza deck regularly can prevent uneven fading.

Check and Repair Flashings

The flashing is the material that seals the space between the deck and any openings or edges. This includes the connection between the plaza deck and the walls, chimneys, edges, vents, or other openings. Ensuring that these flashings are sealed properly can help prevent damage to the underlying structure.

Inspect, Repair, and Replace Substrates

The waterproofing membrane that protects the roof deck from moisture can wear over time even though it is located under the deck and isn’t exposed to the elements. Having access to the underlying structure and being able to periodically check under the deck is important to maintaining the structural integrity of the plaza deck and rooftop.

Use Aspire Pavers When it’s Time to Resurface Your Plaza Deck

When it’s time to resurface your plaza deck, either because the old surface is worn out or it’s time to create a rejuvenated space, Aspire Pavers are a low maintenance alternative to concrete, porcelain, and wood decking material.

Aspire Pavers only require periodic debris removal and light cleaning to remove any spills. They are also stain, scratch, and crack resistant, so once they’re installed, all you have to do is enjoy the space.

Additional benefits of Aspire Pavers include:

  • Quick and easy installation - Our patented grid system allows the pavers to be installed in 40% of the time that it takes to install traditional pavers. There is no complex pedestal system, instead the grids are simply laid on the plaza deck surface and the pavers are placed in the grids. In high wind areas, adhesive may be used for extra wind uplift protection

  • Lightweight and easy to carry - At one-third the weight of traditional pavers, Aspire Pavers require less energy to transport than other, heavier materials, and they are an ideal material for resurfacing rooftop plaza decks because they don’t add as much weight as concrete or porcelain.

  • Sustainable - Aspire Pavers use up to 95% post-consumer recycled material, including recycled scrap tire rubber and plastics, which diverts those materials from landfills.

  • Fade-resistant - Once the plaza deck is designed and the furniture is arranged, you won’t have to move or rearrange furniture to ensure that the pavers fade evenly.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to discuss how the maintenance for our pavers compares to other plaza deck maintenance and request a free sample to see the difference for yourself!