Permeable Pavers Buyers Guide for 2023

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Creating a hardscape — the nonliving portion of a landscape — can present unique challenges. Hardscaping should provide a balance between aesthetics and functionality and support the living portion of the landscape. Anytime a hardscape is being designed and constructed, its impact on the environment should be at the forefront of design considerations.

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Permeable pavers provide many benefits to a hardscape patio, walkway, or outdoor living area. They allow for stormwater absorption and filtration, reduce wear and tear on paver material, and they can reduce the chance of ice formation on the patio surface.

What Are Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers are pavers that facilitate water drainage to reduce the effects of standing water or stormwater runoff on the patio and surrounding area. Permeable pavers can be made with a variety of materials or installed in a way to encourage drainage.

Types of Permeable Paver Systems

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are not permeable, but gaps between them allow water to flow out and away. Installing concrete pavers requires the use chip rock or #8 stone between the bricks to allow water to pass through. Sand can block or reduce water flow. Concrete pavers are typically heavy and can be more difficult to install than other materials.

Brick Pavers

Like concrete, bricks aren’t permeable, but if they are installed with intentional gaps between them and requisite chip rock or #8 stone, they will allow water to permeate. Bricks are lighter than concrete pavers so ease of installation is one advantage, as well as the brick aesthetic.

Gravel or Grass Infill Pavers

Gravel or grass infill pavers are open grids made of plastic that allow gravel to fill in or grass to grow through the openings. Plastic permeable pavers create a stable base for the patio, driveway, parking lot, or walkway that also allows water to drain from the surface and into the ground below. This permeable paver system can create a unique aesthetic, but it requires more maintenance than other pavers as gravel may need to be replenished periodically and grass will need to be mowed regularly.


Composite permeable pavers are installed on an installation grid that allows water to flow through the paver system to the base below. The small gaps between the pavers are filled with chip rock that allows water to permeate through the system to the base below.

Benefits of Permeable Paver Systems

Reduces Wear and Tear on Paver Material

Standing water can cause a host of problems for the paver material. If water is left in pools on the pavers, it can degrade the pavers by seeping into the cracks or weakening the surface. Standing water can also create stagnant pools where insects and algae thrive. If water remains in or on the pavers during cold weather, it can increase the damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Allowing water to drain can increase the lifespan of the pavers.

Reduces Stormwater Runoff

We’ve all seen water rushing down the streets after a heavy rain. This rush of water can cause many problems, including increased water pollution, eroded soil, and an overwhelmed drain system.

Permeable pavers help reduce stormwater runoff by allowing the water to seep through the pavers and into the ground below rather than rushing from the surface into the yard or street.

Reduces the Likelihood of Ice

After snow has fallen on a patio and begins to melt, if the water pools on the surface and re-freezes, it can create hazardous walking conditions. Permeable pavers allow melting ice to infiltrate the pavers themselves or gaps in between them, which reduces the amount of water on the surface and the likelihood that ice will build up.

Aspire Permeable Pavers Will Create a Safe and Sustainable Surface

Aspire Permeable Pavers create a beautiful patio, driveway, or parking lot that facilitates reduced stormwater runoff, lessens the likelihood of ice buildup, and allows the pavers to last longer. Our pavers offer many benefits over traditional permeable paver systems.

Traditional Paver Aesthetic

Our pavers offer a traditional paver aesthetic with the benefits afforded by modern composite materials. Aspire Permeable Pavers create a gap between pavers that allows water to seep through the system and into the ground.


At one-third the weight of traditional pavers, Aspire Permeable Pavers are easy to move to the installation site.

Easy to Install

Using our patented grid system that doubles as a drainage mat, our pavers can be installed in less than 40% of the time it takes to install traditional concrete or brick pavers. They can be cut to size using standard household tools, unlike concrete and brick which require specialized tools and skills.


Made with up to 95% post-consumer recycled tire rubber and plastics, our pavers keep material out of the landfills and can turn it into a beautiful addition to your patio and landscaping.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to discover how our permeable pavers can benefit your patio and the environment!