7 Paver Patio Ideas to Elevate the Status Quo of Your Patio

Paver Patio Ideas

A patio is the perfect addition to any backyard; it can serve countless functions and feature virtually any design style. It can be an extension of your interior living space, feature a fireplace, or even be an entire outdoor kitchen—the possibilities are endless.

If you're interested in creating or updating a patio space in your yard, consider what you can do to elevate the design and take it to the next level. One simple way to do this is by the material you use to build the space: patio pavers are an easy way to make even a small patio really stand out and look expensive. To help get some inspiration, here are seven paver ideas for patio areas:

1. Make Your Pavers Pop

Paver Patio Ideas: Make Your Pavers Pop

Despite the floor being the foundation of a patio, most homeowners overlook its design potential. Instead of going with something simple, consider an intricate pattern, like the one above, that is a perfect option for large paver patio ideas. This homeowner combined three different colors of pavers into an intricate pattern that creates an almost 3-Dimensional effect on the floor. It is a statement that will have all your friends and family impressed. Complement the pavers with comfortable seating on one side and a small table and grill on the other.

2. A Tiered Patio

A Tiered Patio

For homeowners with limited yard space, consider small patio paver ideas. This homeowner created a tiered patio that steps up to a small, intimate dining table. The patio area is very private, with the side of the house shielding it on one side and the trees and foliage on the other. Besides creating privacy, the greenery also creates a sense of nature and peace in what appears to be a busy city area.

3. Keep it On the Ground

Keep it On the Ground

Your patio doesn't have to be a raised surface; many simple paver patio ideas lay pavers directly onto the pre-prepared ground so that it is level with the grass. The larger your yard, the larger you can make the patio; this patio uses simple gray pavers in a basketweave pattern.

Paved patio ideas like this work well with all types of features: add a pergola with seating or a table, turn it into an outdoor kitchen, and much more.

4. Add Shade for Your Table

Add Shade for Your Table

When working with small spaces, making the most of what you have with small paver patio ideas is important. To add more character, create a pattern and combine contrasting paver colors, using white pavers and a brownish color, which ties in with the wood pergola legs. The furniture adds more contrast with lighter-colored wood.

5. Go with a Herringbone Pattern

Go with a Herringbone Pattern

Pavers are a material that offers endless possibilities. They come in different colors, sizes, and textures, which you can use to create various patterns and designs. One of the most popular outdoor patio paver ideas and designs is to create a herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern pictured above draws the eye toward the cityscape's breathtaking view. The reddish-orange of the pavers is contrasted with the dark metal railing, which further makes the space stand out. Adding some comfortable seating or an outside bar can further enhance the space, and using hues of orange and other complementary colors will help tie it all together.

6. Add a Fireplace

Add a Fireplace

If you have a covered outdoor space, it is a perfect chance to implement some more unique outdoor paver patio ideas, like an outdoor living room with a fireplace. This balcony patio combines different paver patio ideas: it mixes materials, like the metal of the railing and the stone of the fireplace. The fireplace creates a focal point for the space, where homeowners and their guests can gather day and night to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather.

7. Add Lamps for Lighting

Add Lamps for Lighting

One feature that all patio design ideas should include is lighting. This balcony patio has antique-looking lamps on the rail posts and a traditional basketweave paver pattern. The lamps will provide subtle lighting, which will be enough to continue enjoying the balcony even after the Sun sets. It may even illuminate the patio space below, which uses different materials to contrast the two spaces.

Patio Paver Ideas for Any Style

A patio is a worthwhile investment that will give you a beautiful outdoor gathering space and increase your home's value. By utilizing pavers for the surface, you are creating a more elevated look that will leave your friends and family impressed. These are just a few patio paver ideas, but the endless possibilities are endless.

For more information and help with the design process, contact our team at Aspire Pavers today. Our experts can show you even more possibilities with our Rooftop Paver Systems, perfect for balconies and patios!