Paving the Way to Luxury: Driveway Pavers That Wow


Driveways have long been the same: concrete or asphalt slabs. While they are driveway materials, they are not the most attractive options and they can take away from your home's exterior. For a more attractive look, consider a paved driveway.

Paved driveways have many benefits; here is what you should know about pavers, including what makes them a good option for driveways, as well as other options to consider.

Why Choose Driveway Paver Tiles?

There is no shortage of driveway material options, but pavers are one of the ones with many advantages to consider. Advantages include:

Multiple Material Options

Pavers come in a wide variety of materials to give you countless options. This enables you to make the best choice for your needs and budget.

Size, Shape, and Color Options

With asphalt and concrete slabs, it’s all one big piece. Pavers come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, to make creating virtually any pattern you desire possible. You can even combine options for a truly unique driveway design.


Concrete and asphalt driveway slabs offer a certain level of durability, but they are still prone to damage. Paved driveways are less prone to damage, which makes them more durable than other, more traditional options. One way they are more durable is that they can better handle temperature shifts without cracking, unlike concrete or asphalt. They are also less prone to skid marks.

Easy to Repair

With traditional driveway materials, fixing a crack or other type of damage isn't always easy or cheap. For paver driveways, that’s not the case; fixing damage is as easy as taking out the damaged tiles and replacing them with new ones. Interlocking paver systems further simplify repairs, to make removing and replacing just the damaged tiles easy.

Options for a Paver Driveway

When considering pavers for driveway, you must consider the available materials. There are many different paver tile options, with the most common being:

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers come from molded and baked clay. They are durable but still brick, so they can be prone to flaking and disintegration.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are one of the most popular options to pave a driveway. While not as durable as brick, they still offer better durability than concrete slabs. Stone Pavers Stone pavers made from natural quarried stone are called cobblestone. Cobblestone pavers are extremely durable, which makes them an excellent option for paver driveways. They are also one of the most expensive options.

The Aspire Paver Difference

Aspire Pavers makes vehicle-grade composite paver tiles. Aspire paver for driveway tiles are a sustainable product made with up to 95% post-consumer materials. Beyond sustainable construction, Aspire Pavers feature an interlocking design that uses a patented grid for quick and easy installations, to help ensure that the tiles remain perfectly aligned and in position.

The ease of installation is further aided by the lightweight construction, with the pavers weighing around 1/3rd the weight of traditional concrete pavers, which makes them easier to carry and move around. There is also no need for special tools or skills, so virtually anyone can install paver driveway tiles without professional help. There is also no need for adhesives or fasteners, as the grid system will help keep the tiles in place.

The grid system also makes replacing damaged tiles easy. Homeowners can remove damaged tiles and put new ones in their place without worrying about disturbing or damaging the surrounding tiles.

Aspire Pavers also offer extreme durability; they are virtually impossible to crack, even with heavy falls. They are also scratch-resistant and stain-resistant and can withstand the elements without damage. Durability is a significant part of what makes Aspire Pavers the ideal paver for driveway designs.

Like all tiles used to pave a driveway, Aspire Pavers are beautiful, and they are available in various sizes and colors to make creating beautiful, custom designs easy. Best of all, Aspire Pavers are easy to maintain and require no special cleaners or sealants. Water, a gentle, biodegradable cleaner, and a gentle brush are all you need to maintain Aspire paver tiles. In many cases, water is all you need.

Create a Beautiful, Custom Driveway with Aspire

Homeowners can spend a lot of time making their home's exterior beautiful, only for a plain, cracked asphalt or concrete pad driveway to create an eyesore. To eliminate any eyesores, a homeowner can upgrade their driveway with new materials, like pavers, which provide many benefits beyond their aesthetic appearance.

Pavers offer better durability than a traditional slab driveway, and can easily withstand daily use. Aspire Pavers, in particular, are designed with durability in mind. Contact Aspire today to learn more about Aspire Pavers and how to build a paver driveway with them!