Redesign Your Driveway: 7 Modern Driveway Paving Ideas

Modern Driveway Paving Ideas

Though you may not realize it, your home says a lot about you. It can be someone's first impression of you if you're meeting for the first time. Every detail will help to form an image of you in their mind – even your driveway. An old, damaged driveway will make it seem like you don't care about your property. To avoid assumptions, you should invest in your driveway. There are so many benefits to investing in your driveway; here is what you should know and some modern driveway paving ideas to help get you inspired.

Why Would You Want a Modern Paver Driveway?

Why Would You Want a Modern Paver Driveway?

A modern driveway is worth considering for reasons beyond making a good first impression. Here are the top reasons that make a modern driveway worthwhile:

Boost Your Home's Resale Value

While it may seem small compared to the rest of your home, your driveway can noticeably affect its value. While values can vary, a new, modern paver driveway can add thousands of dollars to your home's value. The ROI is dependent on various factors, including buyer demand and location, but it is a worthy investment no matter what, especially for homeowners intending to sell.

Make Your Home Stand Out

Typically, when you look down a street, every driveway looks the same: plain, black asphalt or concrete. Some may look newer than others and have less damage, but there is nothing unique about them at the end of the day. Utilizing modern driveway paving ideas allows your house to be unique and stand out from all the rest. There are pavers in different colors and sizes, which can lead to countless fun and unique designs you might not find anywhere else.

Fear of Missing Out

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and food; home design is no different. Modern driveways are the latest craze, with people creating beautiful and intricate paver driveways shared across the Internet. That fear of missing out can push you to get a modern driveway of your own.

It's More Durable

Solid concrete and asphalt slabs are prone to damage. Over time, they will wear down, especially if they are not properly maintained. Paver driveways are less prone to cracking and pitting since their smaller sizes allow them to flex and move as temperatures change. Compared to slab driveways, the durability of a modern paver driveway means it will last significantly longer without any need for repairs or replacement.

Minimal Maintenance

Minimal Maintenance

Slab driveways are not only boring, unattractive, and prone to damage–they also require more maintenance than a modern paver driveway. Options like concrete and asphalt require yearly resealing to protect them from potential water damage. Even with regular maintenance, damage is still possible, and while asphalt is fairly easy to repair, concrete is not. A paver driveway requires virtually no maintenance, including never needing to seal the pavers.

Make a Move Towards Sustainability

Concrete and asphalt are not necessarily environmentally-friendly materials. With a growing concern for certain materials and practices' environmental impact, many are turning to greener, more sustainable products for their home projects. Driveway pavers are a sustainable option with many benefits, including durability, recyclability, and permeability.

Permeability Means Better Drainage

Unresolved drainage issues can cause many issues on your property, including driveway damage. Driveway pavers are permeable, and allow water runoff to pass through and past a gravel substrate into the soil to reenter the water table. This eliminates standing water issues and the potential for flooding. It also helps to alleviate the strain on storm drain systems and water processing plants, as the water runoff that passes through the pavers is naturally filtered of contaminants, rather than going through a plant that creates CO2 and other pollutants.

Creating a Modern Driveway

here are many modern driveway designs worth considering. From simple to ornate, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas worth considering:

1. Create a Valet-Style Design

For a grand entrance, consider a drive-up style that gives a country club feel. You can use different colored pavers to create an intricate design that leads up to the front of your home.

2. Add a Gate

A gate may seem old-fashioned, but it can also add a modern flare with the right style. Options with clean lines and abstract patterns are one possibility. Combining materials like metal and wood is another popular modern design choice.

3. Add Contrast

Pavers come in many different colors. Consider mixing colors to create contrast and create more interest. You can have different colored pavers throughout the driveway or as edging to mark the sides of the space.

4. Create an Inlaid Pattern

Consider creating a unique pattern to inlay with the rest of the design for a truly unique and modern driveway design. It could be a geometric shape, an animal, something abstract, or even something out of nature; pavers have many possibilities. You can also combine sizes to enhance the image.

5. Skip the Basic Stacked Pattern

Pavers allow for so much creativity; don't automatically choose a basic runner pattern. Instead, consider options like a diamond pattern, herringbone, basketweave, or parquet. There are countless options, especially when combining various-sized pavers.

6. Add Landscaping

Adding greenery along the edges of your driveway is another design idea to consider. Bushes or colorful plants can help to tie this space in with other areas of your front yard. It can help create a more cohesive design and add to the driveway's welcoming feel. For a grander feel on longer driveways, you can plant trees to create a canopy feel as cars pass through

7. Create a Curvy Design

Your driveway doesn't have to use straight lines; you can opt for curved or horseshoe, depending on the size of your property. These nonlinear options create a grander feel and sometimes have benefits. A horseshoe driveway eliminates the need for visitors to reverse out of the driveway, which is useful if drivers don't have a clear view of oncoming traffic. Curved driveways can help ensure the safety of mature plants and trees that you don't want to be removed from the property.

Bring Your Driveway into the Modern Era

Bring Your Driveway into the Modern Era

Driveways are one of the first impressions someone has of your home, and you. Investing in a new driveway is so much more than boosting your home's curb appeal. You're also adding value and, with an option like driveway pavers, essential drainage. There are many benefits to consider and many modern driveway paving ideas.

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