Unlocking the Benefits: Exploring the Advantages of Interlocking Pavers


Interlocking patio pavers can help you create a beautiful and durable patio where you can entertain, play, or relax. Creating an outdoor living space allows you to take full advantage of sunny days and starry nights and can extend the living area in your home.

To fully reap the benefits of a patio, it’s important to choose the right patio paver material, so you can spend more time enjoying the space and less time worrying about maintenance.

What Are Interlocking Pavers?

Interlocking pavers can be made from a variety of materials that include concrete, wood, stone, brick, and composite. Though installation methods may vary, the basic premise of interlocking pavers is that they are installed in an interlocking pattern that creates a durable and usable patio surface.

Benefits and Advantages of Interlocking Pavers


With the range of interlocking paver styles, versatility is one of the top advantages. Interlocking pavers come in many different materials, including concrete, wood, stone, brick, and composite, which allow you to choose the best material for your patio based on their durability, ease of installation, style, and maintenance needs. They can be used for outdoor kitchen or entertainment areas, places to sit and relax, around pools, and under pergolas and gazebos.


In outdoor applications, it’s important that water is able to run off of the surface or seep into the ground below. Some interlocking pavers are permeable. The joints between each paver are larger and not filled with sand or grout. Instead, a chip rock is installed between the interlocking pavers which allows water to permeate the paver system and disperse into the soil below.


Most interlocking pavers are made from durable materials like concrete, brick, natural stone, or composite materials. This is a great advantage for patios that get a lot of use.

Easy to Repair

For patios that get a lot of use, it’s likely that one or more pavers will become damaged at some point. Interlocking pavers can be removed and replaced fairly easily. For natural or irregularly shaped materials, this may prove more challenging, but for most pavers, simply lift out the damaged paver and replace it with a new one, though if the original pavers have faded, it may be obvious which ones have been switched out.

Design Flexibility

Because the range of interlocking paver materials and styles is so large, there is an abundance of design flexibility. Natural stone creates a rustic look, brick and cobblestone are reminiscent of early roads and walkways, concrete can mimic the look of other materials or stand on its own, and composite offers a range of colors and shapes to create unique patterns.

Additional Benefits of Aspire Pavers

Easy to Install

Aspire Pavers are easy to install with the patented grid system and can be installed in 40% of the time it takes to install traditional concrete pavers. Unlike concrete, brick, or stone, the pavers can be cut to size using common household tools. This makes Aspire Pavers ideal for DIYers who may not have the tools needed to cut other materials.


One disadvantage of some interlocking paver materials is their weight. Concrete, stone, and brick are heavy materials that can be difficult to move around the installation site. Aspire Pavers are lightweight and much easier to transport and carry than other interlocking paver materials.

Fade Resistant

Aspire’s fade resistance means the patio will look great for years to come, but it also makes repairs easier. For some materials that age or weather at different rates, namely concrete, replacing a paver with a new one can mean that it stands out from the rest. Since Aspire pavers are fade resistant, in the unlikely event that one becomes damaged, you can replace it with a new one that will blend into the existing pavers.

No Grout or Sand Needed

Some pavers, typically brick and concrete, use grout, mortar, or sand to seal the joints while still allowing water to soak through and reach the ground. This adds another element that needs to be maintained and refilled when necessary. Aspire Pavers lock together in the installation grid and eliminate the need to fill the joints with sand or other grout materials. This makes for a cleaner installation process, and you won’t have to sweep sand from the surface.

Endless Color and Pattern Combinations

We offer a selection of colors that include Charcoal, Monstera, Obsidian, and Waterwheel, among others. The stunning and unique color selection allows you to truly choose the color that is right for your patio. You can also mix colors and choose from many patterns that allow you to customize the look of your patio to your style and needs.

We also offer Resurfacing Transition Pavers and Resurfacing Bullnose Pavers to aid in transitions from the patio to the ground and to complete stairs for a totally cohesive design.


Aspire Pavers are made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, which makes them better for the environment.

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