Rooftop Retreat: 10 Hotel Roof Deck Design Ideas to Impress Your Guests


Referred to as the fifth facade, the roof is a space that can add value to a building when it is designed in accordance with the building’s needs. A hotel roof deck is a desirable amenity to many guests who want to enjoy an outdoor space.

You can add even more ways to impress your guests with a hotel roof deck design that includes amenities that encourage guests to take advantage of the space.

Some rooftop amenities can be revenue-generating, such as bars and restaurants, while others attract guests who are looking for added entertainment such as rooftop games or a pool.

Choosing from — or combining — these 10 hotel roof deck ideas to impress your guests can create a space that attracts guests and keeps them coming back.

1. Rooftop Bar or Restaurant

Dining and drinking at a rooftop bar is the ultimate luxury. Guests can watch the sunset over appetizers and have cocktails under the stars. When designing and constructing a rooftop bar or restaurant, safety is paramount, so it is critical to choose the right materials, like sturdy, easy to grip handrails and guards, appropriate egress routes, and non slip flooring that allows moisture to drain and that won’t crack and create trip hazards.

2. Lounge Area

The range of designs for lounge areas is staggering, and choosing the right design along with furniture and accessories can really make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Consider adding fluffy throw pillows and cozy fire pits to help create a beautiful ambiance.

3. Rooftop Games

Providing rooftop games will encourage your guests to get out and socialize, which can improve their stay experience. The options are endless, but consider bocce ball, ping pong, pickleball, cornhole, giant Jenga, and, depending on the size of the roof, mini golf. You can even designate a space to store board games and card games that guests can use while in this space.

4. Observation Area

Technically, the entire roof can be an observation area, but if there are unique surroundings like mountains, a popular structure, or the ocean, for instance, setting up a dedicated observation area can draw guests to the roof and encourage them to take advantage of some of the other amenities that are provided.

5. TV/Projector for Sporting Events or Movie Night

There’s something special about watching the big game or a great movie under the stars. Setting up a big TV, or a projector and screen on the rooftop deck will encourage guests to venture out and enjoy the space in a whole new way. You can even provide snacks and popcorn! These little touches are what guests will remember and keep them coming back.

6. Rooftop Produce Garden

A hotel roof garden design can serve multiple purposes on a rooftop deck. Planting a rooftop produce garden increases sustainability, facilitates water runoff, produces food that can be used at the hotel’s restaurant, and welcomes guests who can be invited to harvest and eat the produce.

7. Rooftop Flower Garden

Creating a flower garden that invites guests to amble through and smell the roses is a beautiful way to use rooftop deck space. You can even include a cut flower garden where guests can cut their own bouquets or use it to provide fresh flowers in guest rooms upon arrival.

8. Rooftop Pool

Including a rooftop pool will require additional structural specifications and adherence to specific codes, but giving guests a place to swim with a stunning view is the ultimate amenity. Including cabanas, comfortable lounge furniture, and even a swim-up bar can make it the ideal gathering space. Choosing the right decking material can increase the aesthetic while mitigating the risks of slips and falls that can result from wet decking.

9. Outdoor Gym

In areas with good weather, an outdoor gym can encourage guests to get out and get active. Maintaining outdoor gym equipment may require added time and expense, so make sure that’s it’s accounted for. A retractable awning or open structure can protect the equipment and mitigate some of the maintenance concerns.

You can also include a space for towels, or to offer earbuds, and stock water bottles to make it an even more welcoming area.

10. Events and Classes

Your rooftop space can function as more than a place to gather and relax. You can host events like a sunrise yoga class or a sunset wine tasting. Giving your guests the opportunity to mingle and try something new will encourage them to return time and time again. Designing your rooftop deck with events and classes in mind will ensure you have the space and setup available.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Roof Deck Design

Create Designated Seating Areas

Seating areas can be created by clustering chairs and couches throughout the space. You can also get creative and install seating pods that facilitate intimate conversations and unforgettable moments. Seating pod designs can range from rustic wood structures to sleek and modern pods. Add some cozy cushions, a few throw pillows, and even a blanket, and you’re setting the scene for relaxation.

Provide Lush Landscaping

Even if you decide not to include a rooftop garden, rooftop landscaping is still important to the overall guest experience. Choosing from landscape installations or potted plants or a combination of the two will create a greener space that is beautiful and welcoming. You can even integrate the garden with seating areas by creating trellises or other structures that allow vines to enclose the spaces.

Include Power Outlets and Wi-Fi in the Design

We live in a connected world, so offering free wi-fi and ensuring that power outlets are accessible (and plentiful) will encourage guests to spend time relaxing or working on the rooftop deck area. Today’s designs are able to cleverly integrate power outlets into rooftop deck designs so as not to detract from the aesthetic.

Use Railings as a Design Element

Railings are essential to rooftop deck design safety, but they can be a design element in their own right. Halfwalls topped with guards increase security and use the guard to create an aesthetic statement. Other railing options include cable guards that complement a contemporary or modern design, vertical balusters to create a classic look, and wood systems that can enhance the feel of the outdoors.

Choose Durable, Easy to Install Flooring

Flooring is a crucial consideration when deciding on a hotel roof deck design. It must be durable enough to withstand high traffic, comfortable enough to encourage mingling, affordable enough to fit into the budget, and easy to install to facilitate a smooth installation process and get the space up and running.

The installation system for the hotel roof deck design should also be factored into the decision. Pedestal systems typically used for porcelain and concrete pavers are difficult and time-consuming to install and they also increase the dead load on the structure.

Grid installation mats for Aspire’s composite pavers make installation much easier. Simply lay the grids in position on the roof deck and place the pavers in the desired pattern.

Create Ambiance

When all of the features are right, it’s time to set the mood. The right lighting, music, fireplaces, and accessories can take your roof deck design to the next level.

Something as simple as stringing twinkle lights or bistro lights throughout the space can make a huge difference in creating an ambiance that draws guests to the roof. Providing amenities, such as bottled water, games, and more will also encourage guests to take advantage of the space.

Choosing the Rooftop Decking Material

When you design the rooftop deck, you want to make sure that all of the elements work together to create a seamless experience. There are a number of options for rooftop decking material, each with their own benefits and drawbacks that can ultimately guide the feel of this space.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers have been a traditional material for rooftop decks because of their affordability and durability, but they also have a tendency to crack and need to be replaced. If your guests are actively using this space, it may be difficult to find a good time to repair and replace the materials.

Concrete pavers are also heavy and use a more complex pedestal system for installation which adds to the dead load on the structure as well as increased installation time. Also, they aren’t as comfortable to stand or walk on than other materials.

Porcelain Pavers or Planks

Porcelain roof decking comes in pavers or planks and can often be made to mimic other materials such as wood or stone. This is a beautiful and durable choice and is stain and moisture resistant, but it is often more expensive than other materials. It is also heavy and requires a pedestal installation system.

Synthetic Turf

You likely don’t want to cover the entire rooftop deck in synthetic turf, but this is a great material for small, strategic spaces like an area for cornhole, bocce ball, or giant Jenga. Providing an area with synthetic turf can also be welcoming to kids who may need to run around and burn off some energy before winding down — maybe with a movie on the big screen!

Composite Pavers

Composite pavers have a number of benefits that concrete and porcelain don’t. Made from post-consumer recycled tires and plastic, the manufacturing process produces less energy and 95% less CO2 than concrete. They are made of rubber, so they are also more comfortable to walk and stand on than the harder materials.

They are incredibly durable and scratch, stain, and crack resistant. This makes them perfect for high traffic areas as well as areas where food and drinks will be served. They can also be used on pool decks, as attractive flooring for seating areas, as well as the perfect place to play games.

Mix and Match

If you want to include multiple materials in your rooftop deck, be sure to have a clear design in mind so it doesn’t look chaotic. Mixing a border of wood planks and a center of composite pavers with designated activity spaces covered in synthetic turf can help guide guests to specific areas.

Aspire Pavers Make Creating a Modern Hotel Roof Design Easy

Aspire Pavers provide a number of benefits that will help make creating a modern hotel roof design easy, and allow you to create a space that can serve multiple purposes and draw guests to your hotel:

  • Very little maintenance is required to keep Aspire Pavers looking great. All that’s needed is to periodically remove debris to keep it clear and ready for people to enjoy.

  • They are highly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks.

  • Our patented grid installation system can be installed in less than 40% of the time it takes to install traditional concrete pavers, so your guests can enjoy the space sooner.

  • Lightweight pavers are a lighter dead load on the roof, and reduce the need for structural reinforcement and additional time and cost prepping the roof.

  • Our 20-year limited warranty means you’ll be protected against certain defects should they appear on the roof.

  • Our color and size options allow you to create a one-of-a-kind space with nearly endless design patterns. You can even plan the paver design to correspond to, and indicate, special areas. For instance, the design can include a different color in seating areas versus the bar or restaurant area.

Contact the experts at Aspire today to discuss flooring options for your modern hotel roof deck design.