Transform Your Balcony with These 7 Design Ideas


Balconies have a long history, as far back as Ancient Greece, for allowing cool air and natural light into buildings. Today, they serve similar purposes, and they provide an expansion to living spaces that offer a multitude of possibilities.

They can be big or small and have any style, though many, especially those in apartments and multi-story buildings, are relatively basic in design. Fortunately, there are many ways to dress balconies up and make them feel more custom. One excellent option is to install balcony decking and incorporate other balcony design ideas.

Transform Your Balcony with These 7 Balcony Design Ideas

Choosing a material to create a beautifully decked balcony is only one step. Once you've chosen your decking, you want to work on the rest of the balcony design. Here are some balcony ideas to consider when designing your space:

1. Add Overhead Coverage

While apartment balconies typically have a balcony above them, their coverage isn't always adequate. Balconies on homes typically don't have even that. Adding an overhead covering will help ensure that you can use your balcony rain or shine.

2. Add Lighting

While an overhead covering lets you use your balcony rain or shine, lighting will let you use it no matter how late it gets. Many options, from string lights to lamp posts, can help light up the space and create a unique ambiance.

3. Create Privacy

Apartment balconies, more than home balconies, have a lack of privacy. Privacy walls help to solve this issue by creating more privacy on the balcony; they come in a wide range of styles. Alternatively, you can use strategically placed flags, tapestries, or plants to create privacy.

4. Add a Garden

Balconies are a great place to create small gardens and add greenery to your space. They can be purely ornamental, or you can grow herbs and other edible plants to use in the kitchen.

5. Expand Your Indoor Space Out

Indoor-outdoor living is extremely popular and an excellent opportunity for balconies. Add a rug and comfortable seating to create a relaxing place, or set up an intimate dining area.

6. Update the Railing

Balcony railing isn't always the most attractive, but it is easy to change or cover-up. Homeowners can buy kits to install new railings or a railing cover built to fit their desired style better, which allows them to make it safer and more private.

7. Choosing the Right Balcony Flooring

There are numerous decking options available for balconies, including:


Concrete is a durable but heavy option that is resistant to chipping and flaking. With proper sealing and treatment, concrete decking is also resistant to fading and stains.

Interlocking Wood Tiles

Interlocking wood tiles are easy to install and offer a clean, beautiful look. They combine multiple wood planks into large tiles. Wood tiles are often pre-treated to ensure their durability and longevity and they have a water sealant for added protection from the elements.

Structural Wood Tiles

Structural wood tiles provide another wood option and feature a similar construction. This option is more expensive than its interlocking counterpart, but can be installed at a fixed height or using adjustable pedestals.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are the most expensive option for balcony decking and create an upscale look. They offer great durability, are low-maintenance, and come in various colors and styles; some pavers even mimic the look of other materials.

Composite Balcony Pavers

Composite balcony pavers are another option, with many benefits: they are low-maintenance, durable, lightweight, easy to handle and install, and, as an added bonus, are sustainable. These pavers can be more expensive than other options, but the ease of installation can help to lower costs.

8 Reasons to Choose Aspire for Balcony Pavers

Before implementing any balcony ideas, you must select your decking. Aspire Pavers are composite pavers that use an interlocking system and are an excellent option for many applications, including creating a beautifully decked balcony. Aspire Pavers have many benefits, including:

1. An Interlocking Design

One of the most notable features Aspire offers is its patented interlocking grid mechanism, which allows for a quick installation without the need for additional adhesives or fasteners. It ensures that each paver is perfectly aligned and will remain in place, to create a safe and secure walking surface.

2. Lightweight Product

Aspire pavers are extremely lightweight, and weigh around 1/3rd of concrete paver options; the Resurfacing Paver, ideal for balconies, weighs only 6.7 lbs per square foot. This eliminates weight concerns for the balcony and won't wear out the installer as they carry and install the tiles.

3. Easy Installation

Everything about Aspire pavers makes them easier to install, from their lightweight construction to the interlocking grid system. With no need for special training or tools, it is a project that almost anyone can take on–which means you can also save money on installation.

4. Durability

Composite pavers offer extreme durability; they are crack, scratch, and stain-resistant without additional treatments or sealants. That means they can withstand everything from hail to heavy dropped items and dragging furniture. The pavers are non-porous and can withstand the elements, to help ensure a long-lasting design.

5. Aesthetic Design

Aspire Pavers come in various sizes, colors, and patterns, for better design flexibility and customization.

6. Softer and Safer

Made with composite materials, Aspire Pavers are dense, solid pavers that are softer than other materials. It makes them more comfortable to walk on and less abrasive and dangerous for falls, which helps make them safer, especially for children.

7. Less Maintenance

Unlike concrete and wood, Aspire Pavers require virtually no maintenance. There is no need to seal the pavers; cleaning them only requires water and, if desired, a gentle cleaner and soft brush can be used for a deeper clean.

8. Sustainable

Aspire pavers are made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled materials. For every 1,000 square feet of installed pavers, Aspire diverts around 500 tires and 15,000 plastic containers from landfills.

Make Your Balcony Stand Out with Aspire Pavers

Balconies are a great feature for homes and apartments that provide many benefits. They expand the living space, increase home value, and ensure that even an apartment dweller can access fresh air.

Customizing a balcony to fit your style isn't difficult; you can implement many different balcony design ideas, like the ones mentioned above. You want to include balcony decking, which can act as a foundation for any other design ideas and provide a stronger, safer walking surface. Aspire Pavers composite decking is a lightweight solution that is easy to install and maintain and durable. They offer endless possibilities with various colors, sizes, and patterns to create your perfect decked balcony design!

Contact Aspire today to learn more about their interlocking composite pavers and the various options available.