13 Creative Patio Ideas Featuring an Above Ground Pool


Everybody wants a pool, especially during the hot summer months. While some homes come with pools, others don't, and above ground pools are popular options due to their affordability and easy installation. Like any pool space, having a deck or patio around the pool is important. Here are some reasons why they are important, along with above ground pool deck and patio ideas.

Why is a Deck or Patio Important to Have with Above Ground Pools?

Above ground pools are not complete without a deck or patio to help complete the design. Some important reasons to have a pool deck or patio include:

They Help Expand Your Pool Space

An above ground pool, by itself, doesn't offer much besides the pool. Adding a patio or deck space, however, creates more usable space around the pool. That way, even if someone isn't swimming, they can still be close to the water and part of all the fun. A larger patio space also creates even more usable space for relaxing, grilling, and enjoying summer days.

Increase Safety

Another benefit of above ground pool patios is added safety. Homeowners with young children need to be especially careful and take preventive measures to ensure that children can't access the pool unsupervised. The best way to do this is by having a deck or patio where you can watch them closely. A fence would add to the safety measures, and prevent access for unaccompanied children.

Create a Focal Point

A pool will serve as the main feature of your property, but adding a patio or deck will enhance it and make it a focal point of your yard. A well-designed patio or deck will be attractive and versatile and fit in well with the rest of your design aesthetic while also creating usable space for everyone to enjoy.

Add Value to Your Home

A high-quality above ground pool and attractive, well-designed deck or patio can add value to your home. Use materials like wood, composite, or cement to ensure you add the most value possible. Pavers are a high-end option that homebuyers would also be willing to pay more for.

Above Ground Pool Patio Ideas to Consider

Pool patios and decks don't have to be boring. Here are some above ground pool deck and patio ideas to consider implementing in your above ground pool design:

1. Add Safety Precautions with a Gate

Safety is key with pools, both in-ground and above ground. You need to ensure that young children cannot access the pool area without an adult present. One of the ways to ensure this safety is by adding a gated entry for the pool to your above ground pool patio design ideas.

2. Use Wood for Your Patio Design

Wood is a classic option for deck and patio designs and is popular to use around pools. It can help create a more natural feel that makes the pool and surrounding decking feel more one with nature. Choosing the right wood and applying the right treatments are essential to creating a durable, water-safe deck.

3. Line the Pool with Lounge Chairs

When you aren't swimming, lounging by the pool is the next best thing. Many above ground pool with patio ideas incorporate comfortable furniture like lounge chairs along the pool's edge. With these chairs, anyone relaxing can still be part of the fun while enjoying the sunshine.

4. Build a Pergola

Pools, decks, and patios aren't the only statement pieces available for a backyard. Pergolas are another option that works well with many above ground pool deck patio ideas. Whether you go with a custom option or something out of the box, a pergola can create a lounging space that furnishes protection from the sun.

5. Create a Custom Paver Patio Design

If wood isn't your style, a paver patio offers a beautiful, customizable alternative for above ground pool patio ideas. You can combine different colors and sizes of pavers to create custom patterns and designs unique to you and your family.

6. Make it More Private

Backyards don't always feel private, especially when you have a pool. To minimize the potential of prying eyes watching you and your family, consider making your pool area and yard more private. Some ideas include privacy walls or tall plants that obscure the view.

7. Add Landscaping

Some simple above ground pool and patio ideas include adding landscaping around the pool and patio area. Landscaping is an excellent way to tie in nature. You can add various plants, from grasses to colorful flowers suited to the environment.

8. Wrap the Pool Deck in Tile

Your pool deck doesn't have to be all the same material. Some patio design ideas with above ground pool areas incorporate tiles onto the sides of the patio to add personality and interest. Tile has countless possibilities that make it easy to find one that will fit your overall design; you can choose something subtle or go bold to make a statement.

9. Build a Bench

If lounge chairs aren't to your taste, add a bench seating area. A bench will provide more seating than lounge chairs and allow people to sit closer together for conversations. All-weather pillows and cushions can provide additional comfort for those relaxing on the bench between dips in the pool.

10. Create a Colorful Mural

Create a mural around the pool to add a personal touch to your setup. Murals make for more unique patio ideas around above ground pool setups and will become a conversation piece among friends and family who visit.

11. Incorporate a Water Feature

One of the more upscale patio ideas is to incorporate a water feature in or around your pool. It can make a statement and become a conversation piece. Having a water feature flowing into the pool can also be fun for kids who will want to swim under the flow as they play.

12. Have Lighting Around the Space

Pools aren't only for daytime. Lighting around the pool, like string lights, can let you enjoy it even after the Sun has set. The right lighting can create a dreamy, even somewhat romantic atmosphere. Another way to incorporate lighting in patio ideas with above ground pool areas is to have lighting inset on the patio floor to help ensure that there is a lit path to follow.

13. Include Smart Features

Smart features are all the rage and can help enhance your pool experience. Adding features like smart lights and speakers are easy ways to enhance the space that allows you to automatically turn on the lights as the Sun sets or change the music. A camera can also provide added security.

Creating An Above Ground Pool Patio with Aspire Pavers

These above ground pool patio ideas are great, but many require the right patio space to make them happen. Aspire Pavers offers interlocking composite pavers made of up to 95% recycled material in various colors to make customizing your pool patio easy.

Aspire Pavers are lightweight, easy to install, and incredibly durable. You won't have to worry about chipping, cracking, or staining—or any extra maintenance aside from an occasional cleaning.

Contact Aspire today to learn more about their pavers and how they can work for your patio ideas for above ground pools. Start planning your design today!